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ASS has many years of experience in providing quality, professional land surveying and mapping services.

ASS is an industry leaders in land surveys, with many years of experience in providing quality professional land surveying and mapping services. Topographical and measured building surveys are our core business. Since 1994 we have developed competitive and flexible surveying techniques which enable us to quickly and efficiently address clients’ budget and deliver the project on time. Our company offers various services in the field of land surveying, GIS, Road, Canal, Pipe line alignment and Optimization, Bridge alignment and setting out, Control as well Geodetic Survey, Property survey, as Built Survey, Utility Location survey, Cadastral Surveys, Piling surveying works, Landscaping surveying works, Cut fill quantities surveying works, supply of qualified surveyors crews.

We also excel in Topographical survey: Boundary survey, Contour Survey, Residential and Municipal survey, computer aided drawings and data processing using latest software’s.


Redefining the Future of Survey Industry through Innovative Technical Expertise


“Accurate Survey Services  aims to meet the needs of our clients by providing a high quality and cost effective services. We will advise and put forward our skills and technical expertise, ensuring projects are delivered effectively on time, with new technology to benefit all parties by working in partnership.”

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